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Freestyle Advanced

18.30 - 19.50

Taught by Keith


This is a level 3 class.

These classes are at more seasoned Yogis. Classes will involve more complex yoga asana(poses) and breath awareness.

Freestyle Yoga is a style of Vinyasa Yoga conceptualised by Keith Treacy that focuses on creating a practice with as many options as possible to allow beginners and seasoned yogis find the right level of challenge in each class.  Keith created this style in order to create a less regimented approach to Asana practice, and offer a fresh look at how yoga is taught in Ireland. Keith tailors his approach to teaching according to the individual needs of the students that attend his classes.

Vinyasa is a form of flow yoga combining the breath and movement to weave asana together. Special emphasis is based upon the use of flowing sequences to optimise fluidity between groups of asana. The term is an abbreviation of “Vinyasa Krama” which roughly translates to “place in a special way”.

Drop in rate €10 per class.