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Scaravelli Yoga

18.00 - 19.15

Taught by Uta Kaiser


Scaravelli inspired yoga is not so much a style but a way of paying attention and release the whole body deeply with the help of gravity so the spine can relax free.

Using more spiral and experimental movements to free the body of tension and prepare for moving into asanas, is the focus and becoming aware of the opening and anchoring quality of breath supports moving with ease.

Classes are small to make sure a lot of hands on support can be given, as that is the way Scaravelli inspired yoga seems to be taught best.

Uta feels yoga is for every person and to see her 6 year old nieces doing yoga in school, and her 70 something student attending class for a couple of years now, makes her hopeful and happy that yoga really is for all. 

Drop in rate per class €12.