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Aoife O'Leary is a Pilates Matwork Instructor. She has practised multiple Pilates and Yoga disciplines for over 16 years.

Aoife credits Pilates with transforming her relationship with her body – relieving her of a persistent repetitive strain injury, guiding her to improve her posture, and instilling in her a deep respect and love for her own body, and the human body in general.

As an instructor, Aoife aims to not just introduce people to the Pilates practice and all the benefits that result from it, but to pass along her passion and love for Pilates too.

Additionally, Aoife is a singer, does AcroYoga and teaches Mindfulness and Meditation.

website: www.pilateswithaoife.com
email: [email protected]


Holistic Pilates

Holistic Pilates